Resort collection 2020 Fabiana Filippi.

The entire Fabiana Filippi womenswear line is characterized by a naturally refined style which give the language of being the upper hand over that of appearing. Outfits that reflect a cool and relaxed beauty that combine functionality and aesthetics.


Cashmere vs. Pashmina.

So, the first difference is the goats that produce this wool. In the case of pashm wool, only Tibetan goats found during the winter period at altitudes above 4000 meters can produce this wool.

On the other hand, just like pashm wool, cashmere wool is produced from the undercoat of goats, but this time the manufacturers use different subspecies of goats that live in a wider area.

Next, when we compare these two types of wool, we will notice that cashmere is a little bit coarser and thicker compared to pashm wool.


Experienced people can notice the softer touch of pashm wool.

Pashmina is the most refined version of cashmere products.

However, both versions have exceptional qualities and they are considered to be one of the most luxurious fabrics in the world today.


New collection autumn / winter 2018

The collection works modern weaves of colours, shapes and volumes.

New spring summer collection I.D.Sarrieri

Cascading tulle and delicate Chantilly lace flowers create a vision of utter romance in the Wonderland Delights Dress. Become the embodiment celestial opulence in this show stopping piece, magnificent night or day.

From Alta Boutique Directly to the Beach

A blue sky and a hot sun overhead, and a cyan sea in front of you, caressing your feet with soft, foamy waves. Resting on a sunbed and getting a bronze tan, the ever-present aroma of body oil and stirring up small, warm grains of sand with your toes… Did you also just imagine yourself resting on the most beautiful beaches of your favourite destinations? Are you planning to take a vacation by the sea this year?