Ferdinandhof - the art nouveau pearl of Karlovy vary

The turn of the xix and xx centuries became the golden age of Carlsbad’s architecture. In those years, a modern city center was built up by numerous buildings in art nouveau style, which fascinates the guests of the famous resort up to our days. Among them is the recently renovated apart-hotel ferdinandhof, which was opened this spring after an expensive renovation.

The house and the interior bore the imprint of two styles: Art Nouveau and chronologically following it Art Deco. The building deserved careful reconstruction, the purpose of which was to preserve the atmosphere of the beginning of the 20th century. It succeeded as never before. Manually, according to the designer’s sketches, many interior details were restored: floors, entrance doors, plaster moldings, ceramic wall panels. The building boasts magnificent natural materials, such as marble, oak and Swarovski crystals, the hotel’s highlight is Murano glass chandeliers made by Italian masters. Double-bed rooms and four-bed rooms in the hotel are decorated in the same style, they will serve as a pleasant haven for couples in love, families with children and lonely travelers.

Great idea

Initially, the desire of the owners was to offer their guests such a comfortable accommodation, as they themselves wish to find during their own travels. Therefore, each apartment has its own mini-kitchen, which will help to feel as comfortable as at home. This will be appreciated not only by families with children, but by every guest who doesn’t like to give up his habits. The 24-hour reception service will take care of all the other things.

What will be your day,

if you stop in this quiet oasis? After an excellent night’s sleep on special orthopedic mattresses, covered with quality bed linen, you will have a fabulous breakfast. The best start to a new day you really can not wish. Any dishes according to Your desire will be prepared for You in the hotel restaurant. Also undoubtedly try the a la carte menu consisting of dishes prepared with the use of local and seasonal ingredients. After breakfast You can enjoy the beauty of the resort town. Ferdinandhof is only 300 meters from the central Geiser and other thermal springs, the famous Mill Colonnade is also literally in "two steps". After spending the whole day exploring the historical center and healing springs, pamper yourself in the hotel spa, which features a Finnish sauna, a hammam, an ice bowl, a jacuzzi and even a Thai massage.

Experience a new level of comfortable life!