Making all women happy

Each day is different. sometimes we feel strong and invincible, on other days we don’t even feel like leaving our homes. how to make the successful days prevail in our lives? it starts with smart clothes made of top quality materials and beautiful underwear which will be like a second skin to us.

Silk, cashmere, the softest cotton and linen – in the luxurious Alta boutique you won’t find anything else than quality natural materials which you would hate to take off even in the evening. In fact, you wouldn’t even have to. Apart from stylish everyday outfits you can buy here unique silk home clothes – exactly the kind which should be part of every woman’s basic wardrobe. Experienced staff is there to help not only women but also men with their choice. For men there is an offer of comfortable and at the same time highly trendy clothes on the ground floor. Little princesses and princes will find their kingdom on the 1st floor, on the same floor as you will find the sophisticated underwear Wacoal, silk underwear of filmstar I.D.Sarrieri or the hot new products – the world famous underwear La Perla. No matter if you choose beautiful underwear, a swimsuit for an unforgettable holiday of a pullover from the most delicate cashmere, you will never leave the boutique in badly fitting clothes. Come and see for yourself!

Fabiana Filippi

A sophisticated and elegant woman. Electing Fabiana Filippi means embracing a naturally refined style, where the language of “being” overlooks the clamour of fashion. The brand proposes an elegance far from uniformity; a sense of timeless beauty meant to be interpreted through the wearer’s personality. Fabiana Filippi’s collections offer up an exklusive modern style, consistent with the brand’s philosophy. It’s a distinctive taste away from boundaries, conveying both functionality and aesthetics. An harmonious and detailed style, where simplicity stands for understatement. Fabiana Filippi’s product asserts the same natural passion of love, smile and dream.


Pure luxury on skin… Our definition of style? A simple elegance that comes totally natural. ‘Understated Luxury’ is the essence of our philosophy. Less, but only the best – that is what characterizes HANRO as a brand. This vision of quality can be found in every detail: the best materials, the perfection of the designs, the exquisite finishing, the elegance achieved by pure aesthetics. We believe true luxury is what makes you feel completely at ease in your skin. This is what makes HANRO so unique and contemporary – for more than 130 years.

La Perla

Rolls-Royce among underwear, luxury, comfort and tradition. Since its establishment in 1954, La Perla has become very popular with many female customers all over the world. Discover the synonym for attraction, too!