Cashmere vs. Pashmina.

So, the first difference is the goats that produce this wool. In the case of pashm wool, only Tibetan goats found during the winter period at altitudes above 4000 meters can produce this wool.

On the other hand, just like pashm wool, cashmere wool is produced from the undercoat of goats, but this time the manufacturers use different subspecies of goats that live in a wider area.

Next, when we compare these two types of wool, we will notice that cashmere is a little bit coarser and thicker compared to pashm wool.


Experienced people can notice the softer touch of pashm wool.

Pashmina is the most refined version of cashmere products.

However, both versions have exceptional qualities and they are considered to be one of the most luxurious fabrics in the world today.